DevOps 2021 Predictions

1 min readJun 8, 2021


Cloud-native security is the most popular DevOps prediction 2021. It is expected to reach the next level by embracing container-orchestration, serverless and other technologies. Its significant cultural shift will bring a whole new difference in the business world.

Technologies we are working with

  • Configuration Management

- Ansible, Puppet, Chef.

  • Container Management

-Vagrant Docker
-Mesosphere, Kubernetes, Swarm, Ranger

Application Metrics

Grafana with openTSDB, Integrating graphite, kairosDB Automation. Gathering metrics, Monitor plugin, Integrating the data with application by scripting in Python, Bash, Perl.

Cloud Services

AWS, Rackspace, Azure, Digital Ocean, Eucalyptus, Open stack.


  • SQL:-MySql, Maria-DB, Percona cluster,postgresql.
  • NO-SQL:-Mongo-DB, Redis, AWS Dynamo.
  • CI/CD:-Jenkins, Codeship, Bamboo.

Log Management, Business Support and Version control

  • Log Management:-Splunk, Gray log — HA, logstash, Cloud watch.
  • Business Support:-By in -depth experience creating the graphs by system.
  • Version Control:-Git, SVN.




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